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My Paparazzi Story

I received my very first pieces of Paparazzi jewelry from my beautiful daughter-in-law as a gift and needless to say, I was hooked. I just could not believe each gorgeous piece was only $5.

When I asked where she found my bracelet, she explained a little bit about about how Paparazzi works and I was intrigued.  

SO FUN! Such a neat way to purchase online and during a live sale! Just what my heart needed. I fun way to connect with other jewelry lovers and a fun way to shop!

I knew I had to join the company and become a consultant myself and so . . . Simply Blessed Boutique was born. 

Michele Ciola

Paparazzi Consultant 


Limited Quantities Sell Out Quickly

Being a consultant with Paparazzi is so fun and exciting because the jewelry is ever changing. Each consultant can tailor their inventory to a variety of tastes.

There are new styles (in limited quantities) posted at least 5 times a week so the likelihood of two Paparazzi consultants having the exact same inventory on hand is highly unlikely! 

So if you love a style and you know a consultant, grab it while you can because it just may sell out. Visit our LAST CHANCE  gallery below to scoop up a limited quantity piece!


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